Meet Adia Sowho, MTN Nigeria's Chief Marketing Officer - CMO

July 28, 2022

MTN Nigeria is a multinational mobile telecommunications firm with operations in numerous African and Asian nations, and Adia Sowho serves as its Chief Marketing Officer - CMO. She is a formidable business expert who, as she notes in this episode, is full of "masterclasses." Adia has a lot of experience working in various capacities at several firms before joining MTN Nigeria. She began her career as a radio frequency engineer for US Cellular, completed consulting work at Deloitte, and then spent over eight years as the head of strategy, digital media, and digital business at Etisalat Nigeria. She later joined  Migo, where she served as managing director and vice president of growth, before working as CEO of Thrive Agric, among other crucial positions.

In this interview, Adia Sowho tells the us about her amazing and exciting experience. She addresses a number of issues, including the significance of confidence and the part it has played in her life, managing numerous duties, self-care, and much more. Due to her unique perspective and depth of knowledge, she is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. Therefore, take a seat, grab a pen, and pay attentively.


Today I’m having a conversation with someone I’ve been pursuing since forever because like it has to happen and it finally is so I’m really excited. Her name is Adia and she's the current CMO of MTN Nigeria. Let me say that again! Current CMO of MTN Nigeria and she was also the former CEO of Thrive Agric and many more things that you are going to find out in this interview. So make sure you stay and grab your popcorn and a drink because it's going to be really interesting. I’m pretty sure, so let's do this guys.

Hi Adia, how are you doing today? You're looking really great. So the way I like to start interviews is, I really want to know about you. This is not really about the Oh yeah, I am the CMO… we will get there but it's like who's this person right here. So start from your background. Like where did you grow up? What schools did you attend? Anything you can tell me about you growing up as a child. How far back do you want to go if you can remember? How you came out. 

Adia shares her background

The story that led to my name is, so I was a c-section baby. The first c-section in my entire family and by that my grandfather gave me my name which essentially captured how he felt at the time and he was like, oh! okay babies come out of there. You know, and my name means as you grow old, you see spectacular miraculous things. So yeah, that's kind of what I’m trying to live up to. Obviously, it’s working. It gets better. Yes, I like to give people a show you know. So yeah, that's how I started since you asked. I was born in Srilanka. 

Interviewer: oh so you grew up in Lagos?

Of course! I grew up in Lagos. Lots of people look surprised when they see me eating a banga with my hand. I grew up in Apapa for most of my life in primary school Corona secondary school, Nigerian Navy secondary school and was blessed to go abroad after that.